Fascial Manipulation ‘Dr. Antonio Stecco’ Manual Therapy – Levels 1 & 2

The “Stecco Method” developed by Dr. Antonio Stecco

Course Instructors: Dr. Antonio Stecco or
Dr. Warren Hammer – Assisted by Dr. Stephen F. Oswald

Course Features

  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Type – Online/Live
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Duration – 48 Contact Hours
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Appropriate for – MDs, Chiros, Physiotherapist and physiotherapy student at the 3rd year
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Language – English

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Course Description

This Manual Therapy approach is currently considered the newest most popular evidence-based scientific manual therapy approach and it is being taught in numerous U.S. states and 40+ different countries around the world. Chiropractors and Physical Therapists who attend gain a significant competitive advantage towards effectively treating their patients and advancing their practice.

Fascial Manipulation® is effective in treating the most common conditions therapists are working on on a daily basis and is backed by substantial scientific research.  A new article entitled “Fascial Manipulation® for chronic aspecific low back pain: a single-blinded randomized controlled trial” by Branchini et al. is now available and demonstrates the importance of the pathology of the fascia in low back pain and the effectiveness of Fascial Manipulation® in the reduction of symptoms.

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The Fascial Manipulation Program is an intensive hands-on series covering The “Stecco Method” developed by Dr. Antonio Stecco. This course combines theoretical lectures, demonstrations, and practicals throughout each course day.

The Fascial Manipulation® training program for the locomotor system consists of two intensive hands-on courses of 6 days each that combine theoretical lectures, demonstrations, and practice between participants throughout each day.

Participants will learn to evaluate musculoskeletal dysfunction with specific reference to the human fascial system and to apply the Fascial Manipulation method as taught by Luigi Stecco, PT. Lectures include the anatomy and physiology of the fascial system, an explanation of the biomechanical model used in the application of this technique, and the anatomical localization of key fascial points. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions (from history taking, to a hypothesis, to verification and treatment) together with a methodology and strategy for treatment.

Our program consists of two levels:

Level 1 Fascial Manipulation® and Level 2 Fascial Manipulation®

Each level is divided into two parts, FM-1A, FM-1B, and FM-2A, FM-2B.

Successful completion of Level 1 is required before attending Level 2.

Each level is designed to give participants adequate time (4-6 weeks) to practice the newly acquired assessment and treatment techniques before returning to the second half of the course for fine-tuning of the method. Each level will conclude with an examination to appraise the level of understanding and skill level.

Updated Hybrid courses now come with additional digital and video lessons

FM for musculoskeletal problems is taught over 12 days, with level one and two each consisting of two three-day sessions. Since Covid, the first three days for each level is replaced by over 13 hours of video lectures. It is critical that students register at least two weeks in advance before level one and two to master these videos. Otherwise, it will be necessary to register for a future FM seminar.

FM Level 1

Level 1 Fascial Manipulation® consists of:

  • Fascial Manipulation 1A: over 13 hours of online content.
  • Fascial Manipulation 1B: a 3-day course (for 24 hours total).

Level 1 discusses the problems related to dysfunction of the locomotor system, by associating the densification of the Coordination Centers to conditions such as tendinitis, low back pain, lumbar disease, cervicalgia, carpal tunnel, headache, and so on. It studies analytically, every Myofascial Unit in the continuity of Myofascial Sequences.  The main objective is to develop an understanding of the Coordination Centers (CCs), responsible for the normal function of the monoarticular muscles and synergistic biarticular muscles.

FM Level 2

Level 2 Fascial Manipulation® consists of:

  • Fascial Manipulation 2A: over 13 hours of online content.
  • Fascial Manipulation 2B: a 3-day course (for 24 hours total).

The completion of Level 1 is a necessary prerequisite. Level 2 analyses the anatomy and function of fascia retinacula within the more complex movement. They are managed by particular areas called Fusion Centers, where they converge the forces of multiple Myo-Fascial Units. It introduces the concept of Diagonals and Spiral organization found within the corporis fascia. FM 2 focuses on the role of Centers of Fusion as part of the biomechanical model and the formation of Myofascial Diagonals and Spirals.

FM Level 2 Prerequisites

The completion of FM Level 1 is a necessary prerequisite.

Courses Locations

All courses are held in Astoria, NY: 32-44 31st St., Astoria, NY 11106.

Courses Duration

All courses’ days take place from 8:30 to 5:30 est with a 1-hour lunch break.



Dr. Antonio Stecco

Dr. Stecco is a graduate in Medicine and Surgery, and specialized in Physics Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Padua, Italy. His areas of prevalent scientific and clinical interest are anatomy of the fascia corporis via dissections and histological studies, including immunohistochemical and molecular biology; study and clinical application of hyaluronic acid; and myofascial syndrome. Following the techniques developed by his father, Luigi Stecco, PT, Dr. Stecco co-authored with his sister, Carla Stecco, MD Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain (Piccin, 2004). He is the author of more than twelve articles published in international journals. Dr. Stecco was recently elected Assistant-President in the Cabinet of the International Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is also the author of 20 articles in journals, all relating to the category of disciplinary scientific sector MED/34, presentation at international conferences, including one Best Poster Award and three chapters in English text.


Dr. Warren Hammer

Warren Hammer, D.C., M.S., DABCO

National & International lecturer on spinal and soft tissue subjects.

Introduced motion palpation to NYCC 1982.

  • Over 300 articles on soft tissue subjects, some peer-reviewed.
  • Authored and edited three editions (1991,1999 & 2007) of “Functional Soft-Tissue Examination and Treatment by Manual Methods”, Jones & Bartlett.
  • Introduced FM to U.S., 2011, Certified FM Instructor, 2013


  • Cyriax’s friction massage, strain/counterstrain, post facilitation stretch, myofascial release, muscle energy, Introduced Graston Technique®.
  • Mattes’ Active Isolated Stretching, Mulligan methods, Voyer’s ELDOA™ (Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation of the Spine).
  • English editor for Stecco, C. 2015, Functional Atlas of the Human Fascial System, Elsevier.
  • English editor for Luomala, T., 2017 A Practical Guide to Fascial Manipulation, Elsevier.

Dr. Stephen F. Oswald

Dr. Oswald: I began my career in an antique bookshop on the edge of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. I had come under the tutelage of a remarkable man who was a master with his hands and with his herbs and with his words. At some point during this period, a young chiropractic physician from America appeared on the scene. He deeply impressed my teacher in a treatment session and after a time, my teacher sent me off to my homeland to “…learn everything that young man knows”. Thus followed almost six years of intensive post-graduate work, including frequent encounters with the man from Istanbul to add to the mix. I established my first practice in New York City in 1986 then quickly added a second in Chestnut Ridge, NY, across the way from the first Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School in the United States. I then opened a small free clinic in Istanbul that gave me an excuse to be with my original teacher and, eventually, his successors. Over the decades of treating patients, I have encountered many interesting, difficult and complex clinical cases and in recent years I’ve learned (and I teach) an interesting, difficult and complex soft tissue technique called Fascial Manipulation. Because of Fascial Manipulation’s strong science base (go to PubMed then type “Stecco” into the search bar) and because of the ability of this technique to help solve these complex cases, it makes for an ideal complement to the chiropractic (very gentle) adjustment, be it a back, extremity or organic problem. I have treated so many interesting patients throughout my years including World Cup, Junior Olympic and Olympic athletes, professional dancers (post modern and ballet), musicians, actors and directors (three who won an Academy Award in the same year while they were my patients—a nice coincidence to be sure), an entire collection of medical doctors, many as heads of departments in NYC’s major hospitals and one as a long-term president of same (let it be noted that they chose the chiropractic physician over surgery). But most of my patients are just regular people like you and me; some are complex cases, some are not. Though my main work is clinical, I am now teaching nationally and internationally. My domestic teaching includes multiple stints with the full training staff of the Arizona Diamondbacks, (Major League Baseball team) and right here in NYC. Internationally, I teach in China (Shanghai), South Korea (Seoul), and Bahrain, to name a few.

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