Physical Therapy Continuing Education Seminars

At Hands-On Companies, we believe you never stop learning. Knowledge is the foundation for future success. We are proud to offer a wide range of physical therapy continuing education seminars you need to consistently provide quality patient care. Learn more about our continuing education seminars and how you can get started today!

Continuing Education from Industry Leaders in Physical Therapy

As the leading physical therapy continuing education organization, Hands-On Companies is proud to offer comprehensive physical therapy continuing education units (CEUs) at an affordable price.

Our mission is to provide physical therapists with the knowledge, tools, and technology they need to upgrade their practice and build a foundation for a prosperous future.

Our Philosophy on Physical Therapy Continuing Education

Knowledge comes from the Greek word “gnosis.” It’s about more than just “knowing.” It’s an insight and understanding that comes through observation and experience. This growth through observation and collaboration is at the core of what makes our seminars so popular and successful.

Our instructors combine unique teaching methods with the latest technology to create engaging and dynamic multimedia presentations. The result is physical therapy continuing education that exceeds industry standards while improving retention in a comfortable and pleasant learning environment.

Hands-On Companies is proud to offer seminars in the United States and around the world. We are also pleased to offer private sponsored courses.

Tools and Knowledge to Improve Your Career

Every course is taught by one of our industry-leading instructors. Our instructors are highly trained and personally motivated to ensure the success of each of their students.

We intentionally keep course enrollment low to provide the best quality educational experience. Smaller class sizes provide you with more opportunities to interact directly with our instructor. This one-on-one time with instructors is especially helpful for the laboratory portions of our courses.

Our courses cover the most important and effective evidence-based manual therapy methods and techniques. You’re sure to find the right course for you to meet both your professional and personal goals.

All courses qualify for Continuing Education Credits* and are held at facilities conveniently located in metropolitan areas throughout the country. Telehealth and online courses are also available.

*Contact us for the exact number of CECs available. Availability may vary by state.

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Recommended Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses

Learn more about some of our most recommended and popular physical therapy continuing education courses and how they can help you take your care — and your clinic — to the next level.

Find Physical Therapy Continuing Education to Boost Your Business

Discover how you can improve your quality of care while also boosting your insurance reimbursements. Explore our full range of seminars to see how you can find the continuing education you need for your career.