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Become a Teaching Assistant and Earn Free Courses from Hands-On Seminars

We established this program to help Hands-On Seminars provide an even higher quality teaching experience and at the same time help you meet your continuing education needs.

Please read the rules of the program. If you meet the qualifications, you can apply by filling in this application and submitting it to [email protected]

  • You have the opportunity to review the material you have already learned and to answer any of your questions.
  • You always learn something new, since we always update our material.
  • You have the opportunity to attend some new continuing education courses for free. For every 3 times that you help us in a course, you are entitles to a FREE course of your choice. (The free course must be a Hands-On Seminars course).
  • You become part of the Hands-On Seminars Team.

If you have any further questions, please call or e-mail us and we will be happy to further explain.

Thank You and Welcome to the Hands-On Seminars Team!

We have the opportunity to provide through your supervision and help in the labs with a better teacher/student ratio, which ultimately helps the course participants.

We have the opportunity to count on you as a member of our team.

  1. A teaching assistant (TA) can assist in a course that he/she has previously attended.
  2. The role of the TA is to help during the lab portion of the course (specifics will be provided at the course).
  3. For every 3 courses that a teaching assistant assists, he/she will be entitled to attend a FREE Hands-On Seminars course of his/her choice.
  4. We encourage TAs to review the course manual, before the course they assist.
  5. TAs should be at the course site 1/2 hour before registration begins. Please confirm times and locations by contacting our Seminar Coordinator at 1-888-767-5003.
  6. TAs should adhere to a professional dress code. Ties and jackets ARE NOT required, but no jeans either.
  7. A positive attitude is a MUST for the role of a teaching assistant. Our role as educators and teachers is to encourage and empower people to develop further their skills and knowledge. Obviously, we must correct any inaccurate hand position or handling, always approaching people in a non-judgmental way.

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Find out how you can become a teaching assistant to our esteemed experts and educators. You can even earn Hands-On Seminars courses that can be used for physical therapy continuing education hours. Fill out your application and apply to become a teaching assistant today!