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We are proud to offer a wide range of world-class physical therapy courses. You can find our PT continuing education seminars held throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Explore all the physical therapy courses available from Hands-On Seminars. Find the training and knowledge you need to improve your care and your practice today.

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ECS Examination Prep Course

Certification in Advanced Manipulative Therapy

Mastery Certification Manual Therapy Courses

Myofascial Trigger Point & Proprioceptive Therapy Course

Lumbar Spine Sacroiliac Joint Pathology Course

Cervical Thoracic Spine Pathology Course

Shoulder, Elbow, and Hand Pathology Course

Hip, Knee & Ankle Pathology Course

MCMT® Mastery Certification Course

RMSK Examination Review

MSK Ultrasound Online-Only

Fascial Manipulation Manual Therapy Courses

Certification in “The Original Dry Needling Method” (CDN)

DN-Upper: Dry Needling Upper Body

DN-Lower: Dry Needling Lower Body

DN-Advanced: Advanced Dry Needling

Chaitow Online Courses Bundle

Breathing Pattern Disorder

Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

Fascial Treatment and Assessment Methods

NeuroFascia Revealed Course

Virtual Rehab: The Basics of Telehealth PT