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"It is great to be able to include diagnostics in physical therapy and have a good level of reimbursements." - Christina Panetta, PT

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Here’s what physical therapists have to say about their experience with Hands-On Diagnostics

After receiving my initial training under HODS in EMG, I was able to really help a new patient. She was an osteoarthritic knee patient who also complained of pain that radiated from the knee to the 4th toe. We weren’t certain whether her pain was from was a peripheral nerve injury or nerve root problem. After EMG we were able to confirm an L5 nerve root injury, provide focused treatment to the lower lumbar spine, and eliminate her radiating symptoms in 2 visits, then completed her care for the arthritic knee after clearing that. Great success to eliminate her pain so quickly through the guidance of EMG, and not just make a “best guess” approach to PT treatment.
Nathan Shields
I got involved with HODS because we were looking for a solution to the problem with reimbursements. With HODS, we could improve patient outcomes and help our staff make more money while increasing our income.

For example, if we had a patient who came in with “rotator cuff” diagnosis without identifying the specific muscle involved, we would do Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and we would be able to be more specific with our Therapy. All of these tests allow us to better treat the patients. I really feel like we are ahead of the field.

Cindi A. Prentiss
After my first training Module which was on EMG, I was testing a new patient. The Dr. had diagnosed the patient with Carpal Tunnel and the patient had received an EMG that came up clear, but he was not been progressing from his Physical Therapy with another PT office, the insurance company was getting frustrated and was about to shut off the coverage-yet the patient was still complaining about pain, etc.

Well, I did an EMG/NCS per my HODS franchise training and found the problem at the C6 (which vindicated the patient), treated him per my findings and the patient started getting better.

Bart McDonald
Doing diagnostics can actually revolutionize where Physical Therapy is going and change the way we look at a patient and interact with physicians with this information. And it is great to be able to include something in physical therapy that has a good level of reimbursements.
Christina Panetta
We’ve been fighting with reimbursements, we’ve been fighting with declining reimbursements and it is very easy to get frustrated and wonder, how am I going to survive? Well, bringing in diagnostics is not only in line with APTA’s 2020 vision of PTs as truly autonomous practitioners, but from a financial perspective, puts me more in control of my financial picture because diagnostics add a new revenue line into my PT practice and allows me to expand while helping my patients get better.
Daniel Sage