Discover how you can improve revenue growth for your physical therapy practice while also improving the quality of care for your patients.

See why so many physical therapists trust Hands-On Diagnostics for reliable, accurate data resulting in better patient outcomes and higher insurance reimbursements.

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"It is great to be able to include diagnostics in physical therapy and have a good level of reimbursements." - Christina Panetta, PT

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Growing Revenue and Improving Care Through Diagnostics

At Hands-On Diagnostics, we are committed to changing the way physical therapists do business. Current physical therapy models have an initial patient evaluation and a treatment plan based on that patient’s history.

The problem is that this process does not always identify the root of the problem. In fact, this outdated method can reduce effectiveness by not properly diagnosing the issue, or worse, misdiagnosis.

Our evidence-based approach is a new paradigm for physical therapy focused on an objective data-driven diagnostic approach. More informed care results in more than better outcomes for patients.

Diagnostic tests from Hands-On Diagnostics also result in revenue growth for your physical therapy practice. This additional income is often the result of much higher insurance reimbursement rates.

Physical therapists who use our diagnostic tests can enjoy reimbursement rates that are 5 to 10 times higher than a typical PT visit. It’s no wonder there are Hands-On Diagnostic private practice owners operating 130 clinics across 25 states. See why so many physical therapists trust us for the latest and best in diagnostic testing.

Bigger Insurance Reimbursements

Expanded Services and New Billing Codes Mean Larger Reimbursements for You

Reimbursements from insurance companies are an important part of how physical therapists get paid. This is why it’s so important to you and your business to ensure you’re receiving the best possible payout for your services.

Physical therapists who use our diagnostics routinely increase reimbursements by as much as 75 percent! And that’s not all: per-patient billings also regularly double (an increase of 100 percent).

Make more money as a physical therapist while also improving your quality of care with diagnostic testing technologies from Hands-On Diagnostics.




Accurate Diagnostics for Better Treatments and Outcomes

Better data often results in better decisions. This is especially true in physical therapy. The more you understand the cause of a patient’s condition, the more effective your treatment plan will be.

Hands-On Diagnostics provides accurate tests so that you develop evidence-based treatment plans resulting in better outcomes for each patient.


Higher Per-Patient Returns

Do you want a higher per-patient return for your physical therapy practice? Insurance companies reimburse physical therapy services at specific rates. The national average for physical therapy services typically ranges between $70 and $150 per session.

Hands-On Diagnostics testing helps you deliver a wider spectrum of services and access a new range of billing codes. Find out how you can average $550 per diagnostic session with testing from Hands-On Diagnostics.


Increase Insurance Reimbursements

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes are what healthcare systems use to report the treatments and services they provide their patients. Billing for diagnostic CPT codes can dramatically increase the cash flow at your office or clinic. Diagnostic procedures learned from Hands-On Diagnostics provide reimbursement rates that are five to 10 times larger than a typical PT visit.

See What Hands-On Diagnostics Members are Saying

See for yourself what our members are saying about their experience with Hands-On Diagnostics. With more than 125 clinics located in 25 states, the success of our members speaks for itself. Don’t take our word for it — watch the videos from our members to learn more!

Improve Insurance Reimbursements and Patient Care with Hands-On Diagnostics

Are you ready to improve revenue growth for your physical therapy practice while also providing a better quality of care? Learn how you can take advantage of testing from Hands-On Diagnostics to make more money for your business while providing even better care for your patients.