Hands-On Diagnostics Clinical Electrophysiology Residency Program (R-EDX®)

Learn how you can expand your experience in clinical electrophysiology testing through an EMG/NCV PT Residency. Explore our ABPTRFE accredited Residency program for PTs to see how you can empower your practice for a better quality of care and higher insurance reimbursements.

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"Doing diagnostics can actually revolutionize where Physical Therapy is going and change the way we look at a patient and interact with physicians with this information." - Christina Panetta, PT

About the Hands-On Diagnostics Residency in Clinical Electrophysiology (R-EDX)


The Residency Program in Clinical Electrophysiology at Hands On Diagnostics is dedicated to advancing clinical excellence in electrophysiology for physical therapists interested in this specialty. Our program inspires lifelong learning through an updated, advanced, evidence-based curriculum, emphasizing an enhanced patient-centered approach and ethical practice. We are committed to continuous improvement, supported by strategic initiatives that enhance the program’s success. By fostering a dynamic learning environment, our program ensures graduates are evidence-based practitioners, exceeding industry standards in Clinical Electrophysiology.

We are committed to continuous improvement, refining faculty expertise, curriculum, policies, and mentorships, supported by strategic initiatives that enhance the program’s success. By fostering a dynamic learning environment, our program ensures graduates are well-prepared, evidence-driven practitioners, exceeding industry standards and contributing to the ongoing evolution of clinical electrodiagnosis.

See Our EMG/NCV PT Residency Outcomes

Our PT Residency Program completion rate in 2023 was 94%!
(This is the percentage of residents that start the program and actually graduate.)

The ECS Passing Rate for our 2023 program completions was 73%!

Congratulations to all!

As of March 2024, our Residency Program has 73 students enrolled.

First time passing rate for the ABPTS Board Certification exam in the last two years is 89% for the first time (compared to a 67 percent national average); with a 100% overall passing rate!

The Hands-On Diagnostics Clinical Electrophysiology Residency program is a Two-Part Process

Part 1

In Part One of our process, the resident takes the Electrophysiology (EMG/NCV) Diplomate Program for professionals. Learn more about the Electrophysiology (EMG/NCV) Diplomate Program D-EDX® and get started today!

Part 2

Part Two follows the successful completion of Part One of the Electrophysiology (EMG/NCV) Diplomate Program D-EDX® process. The following is required to complete part two of your residency:

  • Participants must register for the PT Residency Program within the same year of Diplomate.
  • Completion of an additional 250 EMG/NCV studies on real patients at the resident’s clinical practice. Detailed feedback is required.
  • Completion of an additional 12.5 days of live site visits by the mentor. Residents arrange a schedule for patients (four to six patients) and perform studies as mentors observe and provide feedback.
  • Completion of 18 critical appraisals of topics (CATs).
  • Completion of 50 EMG Whiz cases (www.emgwhiz.com).

Selective Activities

The resident may choose a variety of additional activities to count toward hours of completion. The complete program requires a total of 2006 hours. These hours include all of Part One, the 250 EMG/NCV studies, 12.5 live site visits, 50 EMG Whiz cases, 18 CATs, and selective activities.

Additional activities may include the following:

  • Additional EMG/NCV studies beyond the required 250 studies. (3 hours per study)
  • NMSK Exams. (1 hour per exam)
  • Additional virtual site visit hours are not included as site visit hours but may be counted as alternative hours towards Residency requirements.
  • Attend a continuing education course in EMG/NCV that directly discusses actual patient care activities in EMG/NCV testing. We recommend that you attend the annual HODS symposium: www.HODSsymposium.com.
  • Observation of a mentor or another approved practitioner.
  • Other activities as approved by the residency director.

Credential Attained: R-EDX® (Residency Graduate in Clinical Electrophysiology)

  • Get awarded at the annual HODS Symposium.
  • Sit for the ECS exam – Become Board Certified in Clinical Electrophysiology.
  • Be able to perform Advanced Level of EMG/NCS/SSEP and Neuro-MSK studies.
  • Be a high caliber expert in the area of Electrophysiology.
  • Complete the full residency program in 36 months.

EMG/NCV Residency (R-EDX) Program for Physical Therapists FAQ

Who can enroll in the EMG/NCV PT Residency program (Admission Policies)?

The EMG/NCV PT Residency program is exclusively for Physical Therapists aiming for ECS board certification. In order to be admitted to the residency program, the physical therapists must be licensed in any state within the United States. The physical therapist must also have malpractice insurance. Upon entry into the initial phase of the program, the physical therapist is considered a “Resident Candidate”. The resident candidate will progress to a full “Resident” upon completion of the Diplomate Phase within one year.

How long does the EMG/NCV PT Residency program take?

Our PT Residency program is self-paced following the completion of Part One (Electrophysiology (EMG/NCV) Diplomate Program D-EDX®). Please note that all requirements must be completed in 36 months.

Where do I complete the PT Residency program?

Part One of our PT Residency program is partially online and can be completed at home.

It has four live sessions that meet at our labs in Astoria (NY). These sessions will meet on four 3-day weekends over a twelve-month period.

Part Two is completed at the resident’s clinic during studies on their own patients.

Can I bill patients for studies during the Residency phase?

With the exception of patients with Medicare, you can bill for EMG/NCV studies while in the PT Residency program.

How much is the average reimbursement for a study?

The average bilateral EMG/NCV study will reimburse approximately $350 to $600. These fees are based on In-Network provider services. Out of Network insurance reimbursement can be significantly higher.

What are the advantages of the complete EMG/NCV PT Residency program?

  • Progressive mentorship and development in this specialized area of practice.
  • A fast track to qualifying for the board certification exam (ECS). Completion of the EMG/NCV PT Residency automatically qualifies the resident to sit for the exam.
  • Physical therapists must have an ECS to bill Medicare for EMG/NCV services. The PT Residency program provides a quicker pathway to the ECS.
  • Continue your regular job while enrolled.
  • Affordable training. Many residencies require full-time work at a reduced salary (often 50 to 70 percent of the normal wages) for up to two years.
  • Residents in the EMG/NCV PT Residency program can bill insurance (with the exception of Medicare) for EMG/NCV studies while enrolled. EMG/NCV studies reimburse at a higher rate than other traditional physical therapy services.

How much does the Residency cost?

To review the cost of the Residency program please download the Financial Fact Sheet 2023-2024 here.

Are there any CEUs available?

Part One of our PT Residency program (Electrophysiology (EMG/NCV) Diplomate Program D-EDX®) is accredited for 80 Contact Hours for Physical Therapists in 40+ states.

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