EMG/NCV Interpretation Course

Appropriate for PTs, DCs, MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, DPMs (podiatrists), RNs

About Course

16 hours of online education using real cases to explain the findings often used in EMG/NCV reports. Learn from the experts.

Learn the principles of EMG/NCV testing and apply that knowledge to actual patient case studies. Analyze test data from a patient chart and make accurate clinical judgments as to accuracy and prognosis.

This course is OPEN for registration. All course material is ONLINE, so the course is always available for enrollment. Learn at your own pace! Start today.


16 CEU available for Physical Therapists in NY state

CEU available in all states for Chiropractors through the University of Western States

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"Doing diagnostics can actually revolutionize where Physical Therapy is going and change the way we look at a patient and interact with physicians with this information." - Christina Panetta, PT

Course Overview

Course Description

  • This highly interactive Course provides the licensed health care practitioner with the basic skills to read, understand and interpret the results of an EMG/NCV REPORT.
  • The interpretation allows the licensed health care practitioner the opportunity to identify important markers for case management.
  • This Course is not a skill-oriented Course in that techniques and laboratory are not included as content.
  • Topics included in the Course include: Anatomy, physiology, biomedical instrumentation, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, ethics, and other related basic science items at a technical level.
  • All material is centered on evidence-based principles.

Who may enroll?

Enrollment is offered to any health care practitioner who has a state license where interpretation of EMG/NCV is within their scope of practice.

Continuing education hours awarded

16 CEU Category II CMES – applied for by the registrant.

General conduct of course

  • Lectures (participant has opportunity to download lectures approximately three weeks ahead of lecture).
  • Demonstrated laboratory process.
  • Sufficient time to communicate with expert clinicians.

Common questions about the course

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Pricing and Registration

EMG/NCV Interpretation
$ 899 full payment
Learn the principles of EMG/NCV testing.
16 hours of online education.
Real patient cases to explain the findings.