MSK Ultrasound Online-Only

Presented by Dr. Randy Moore

Course Features

  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Type – Online
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Duration – 30 Contact Hours
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Appropriate for – PTs, OTs, MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, Chiro, Healthcare Professionals
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Language – English

This course is subcontracted by Redefine Health Education (RHE). We are approved for CEU CREDITS for PT, PTA, APT, DPT IN 40+ STATES. See which states we are approved here.

**If you hold a different credential and are interested in contact hours, please contact us directly.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSKUS) Online Courses to advance your professional career to the next level!

With our Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Courses, you will be able to see what your patients feel!

Clinical evidence and research support using ultrasound as the first diagnostic test for numerous musculoskeletal conditions. Diagnostic ultrasound offers multiple advantages when compared to X-Ray, CT and MRI, in terms of safety and effectiveness. In addition, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSKUS) simply uses sonic waves, and there is no exposure to radiation.



The Hands-On Seminars MSKUS Program is an Online-Only program. For live training and a Certification in MSKUS, please click here.

Program Structure

Our online MSKUS Program is divided into:

  • Module 1 (Upper Extremity) and
  • Module 2 (Lower Extremity and Lumbar Spine).

The student takes Modules 1 and 2 online-only.

In the following list, you can find all Topics and Joints that will be covered in this advanced online MSKUS program:

  • Introduction to Sonography
  • Shoulder (Online)
  • Elbow (Online)
  • Wrist/Hand (Online)
  • Hip (Online)
  • Knee (Online)
  • Ankle/Foot (Online)
  • Spine (Online)
  • Ultrasound Guided Injections (Online)


In this section, you can find all of the objectives that our online MSKUS courses include:

  • Establishing Foundational Understanding
    • Normal sonoanatomy
    • Image optimization and orientation
    • Image interpretation algorithm
  • Systematic protocols for shoulder, elbow, hand/wrist, hip, knee, foot/ankle, and lumbar spine
  • Demonstration of the established scan protocols via online recordings
  • Developing Skills
    • Exposure to handling the ultrasound transducer
    • Developing accuracy & efficiency obtaining and labeling images
    • Developing interpretation skills


Dr. Randy Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK

Randy Moore is a doctor of chiropractic, but has devoted the last 23 years of his career exclusively to Musculoskeletal Sonography. During this time he has provided interpretation of over 10,000 ultrasound examinations, worked as a consultant for many ultrasound manufacturers utilizing his teaching method to help all practitioners become proficient in MSK ultrasound in as little time as possible.

Dr. Moore has published two books designed to be convenient, easy to understand and implement for MSK sonography. One for developing scan protocol skills, and another for the most common ultrasound guided injections.

He travels extensively lecturing throughout America and internationally in a variety of venues. Universities, Nationally ranked hospitals, military hospitals, residency programs, NP and PA, PT and sonography programs.

Currently, his work and interest are growing in the use of ultrasound in the exciting area of regenerative medicine. He believes ultrasound is indispensable in the continued progress of this much needed and beneficial treatment regimen.