Host a Physical Therapy Course

Provide the Best Care for Patients With the Best Training for Your Staff

Why travel for training when you can bring the training to your physical therapy practice? Did you know you can host a physical therapy course yourself? Take the reins on your physical therapy training when you host your own course from Hands-On Companies.

  • Educate Staff
  • Meet Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Requirements
  • Avoid Costly Travel Expenses

Discover how you can improve training from the comfort of your own office today!

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Hosting Your Physical Therapy Course is Easy and Convenient

Training your staff has never been easier than when you host a physical therapy course. Simply select from our wide range of available courses and host it at your location. You and your staff will enjoy learning and enhancing your skills through our comprehensive webinar series from the convenience of your own office.

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What subject matter are you interested in learning more about?

What are the Details to Host a Physical Therapy Course?

Hands-On Companies makes sponsoring a course and hosting it at your facility as easy as possible. Learn more about how sponsoring a physical therapy course works for you.

  • Sponsors may host up to 12 attendees for a flat fee (depending on the course or program).
  • Sponsor agrees to pay 50 percent of the fee no more than five days after signing the contract.
  • Additional 50 percent of the fee is due 30 days before the scheduled course date.

Hands-On Companies reserves the right to advertise to prospective students and register additional participants to the course. This would be done through our online registration system at our regular rate.

Sponsors are required to provide the following considerations to Hands-On Companies to host the course:

  • Comfortable Facility in an Educational Environment
  • Tables
  • Pillows and Blankets
  • Projector with Screen
  • Flip Chart with Markers
  • Breakfast and Afternoon Snack for All Participants

We are pleased to offer a 20 percent referral fee for any additional participant enrolled by the sponsor OR for outside registrations. Additional expenses, including instructor airfare, hotel, and meals, are the responsibility of Hands-On Companies.

Hands-On Companies is also happy to assist with the promotion of your course. We will list your event on our website and send promotional e-mail blasts to our extensive database of contacts.

All Hands-On Companies courses provide state approval, a copy of any and all course manuals, completion certificates, and, of course, an amazing presentation!

Don’t wait to go to your next physical therapy training course. Host a physical therapy course and bring the training to you! Download your free brochure today, and see how you can become a sponsor!