EMG/NCV Diplomate

Appropriate for PTs, DCs, MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, DPMs (podiatrists)

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"Doing diagnostics can actually revolutionize where Physical Therapy is going and change the way we look at a patient and interact with physicians with this information." - Christina Panetta, PT

About Course

Listen to online lectures before investing two weekends in concentrated lecture and laboratory sessions on-site. Have access to our online digital textbook for several months after the course.

Further your education through a stepwise hybrid education of online lectures and on-site lecture/laboratories to achieve full certification as a specialist in EMG/NCV by becoming certified in the American Academy of Clinical Electrodiagnosis.

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Talk to a Diagnostics Expert

"Doing diagnostics can actually revolutionize where Physical Therapy is going and change the way we look at a patient and interact with physicians with this information." - Christina Panetta, PT


Up to 162 CEU available for Physical Therapists in NY state

CEU available in all states for Chiropractors through the University of Western States

Available Dates

Option 1

Stage 1: 7/15/22 – 7/17/22
Stage 2: 9/23/22 – 9/25/22
Stage 4: 12/2/22 – 12/4/22

Option 2

Stage 1: 11/4/22 – 11/6/22
Stage 2: ΤΒΑ (2023)
Stage 4: ΤΒΑ (2023)

Special notes about schedule

Students MUST complete the online lecture material PRIOR to each on-site lecture session.

Attendance is MANDATORY at all sessions for the semester students are enrolled in.

All labs are held in Astoria, New York: Hands-On Diagnostics HQ – 32-44 31st St, Astoria, NY 11106.

Course Overview

Stage 1

Provides education regarding the performance of basic nerve conduction studies and needle EMG on patients referred for this specialty practice. Two onsite weekend sessions online lectures and readings at home.

Stage 2

Builds upon the skills obtained in Stage One above and adds additional (technically more difficult) nerve tests that increase the depth and diagnostic power of an EMG/NCV test. One weekend session + online lectures and readings at home.

Stage 3

Involves readings at home and the completion of 25 EMG/NCV studies in the clinician’s home clinic that are de-identified (meaning that all identifying information is removed per HIPAA guidelines). These studies are then electronically transmitted for review by AACE faculty and each is graded according to an established rubric/guidelines.

Stage 4

The final stage requires additional electronic transmission of 25 EMG/NCV de-identified studies, one week-end session, and a site visit to the clinician’s clinic by an AACE faculty member where that faculty member observes the performance of EMG/NCV studies on patients.

Detailed Overview of Course

Course Description

  • This Course sponsored by the American Academy of Clinical Electrodiagnosis, gathers expert clinicians who are also academic leaders and professors in EMG/NCV to provide you with the knowledge you will need to earn certification in this specialty area. The in-depth knowledge of each faculty member allows the participant to gain a unique perspective on the clinical practice of this specialty area. The Course offers a paradigm to enable appropriate patient evaluation techniques followed by Electrophysiologic (EMG and NCV) practice techniques that enable efficient and effective practice patterns.
  • Topics in the Course include: anatomy, physiology, biomedical instrumentation, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neuropathology, patient ethics, and other basic science items.
    Significant time is spent on learning nerve conduction (motor, sensory and late responses) techniques on most peripheral nerves in both the upper and lower extremity as well as the facial nerve.
  • Needle EMG studies are practiced on all major muscles in both the upper and lower extremity as well as the paraspinal musculature.
  • All material is centered on evidence-based principles.
  • Laboratory practice is an important aspect of this Course as 50% of the Course time is devoted to guided laboratory studies and case study analysis.
  • Integration of the EMG topics to the NCV topics occurs early in the Course and is emphasized and enhanced by case study examinations worked on in small group activities.
  • The student learns the appropriate mechanisms to interpret the EMG/NCV data and develop appropriate reporting strategies.
  • Appropriate discussion on ethical practice is stressed.
  • This course has been approved by the CA State Board of PT.

Who may enroll?

  • Enrollment is offered to any licensed health care practitioner in good standing who is permitted by their respective state practice act to perform needle EMG studies.
  • Additionally, foreign-trained healthcare providers (upon documentation of training) may enroll in this course.

Continuing education hours awarded

  • 162 CEU credits available (registrant must notify AACE 60 days before beginning of Course if CEUs are being requested).
  • 162 CEU Category II CMES – applied for by the registrant.
  • The California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) approves 16.5 CEUs for this Course.

General conduct of course

  • Lectures – all online now – study when you want and where you want.
  • Supervised laboratory process:
    • Uses laboratory manual to guide student.
    • Excellent ratio of expert laboratory faculty to student (4 students to one laboratory
  • Sufficient time to talk with expert clinicians during laboratory.
  • Practical examinations (using a validated rubric for evaluation).
  • Written examinations.
  • Final practical and written examinations.

Common questions about the course

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Special note about ‘Certification’

  • Certification provided is one titled: “Certification of Proficiency.”
  • A minimum passing score for both written and practical examinations ensures proficiency of the practitioner.
  • Certification is not a license to practice or any other legal requirement for practice in this specialty area.
  • Certification of Proficiency indicates that you have completed a formal Course of study in this specialty area.