Newest Hands-On PT Partner!

Please welcome our newest HODs partner…

Dr. Lauren Masi, owner of Lafayette Physical Therapy in Lafayette, California

Jill Ramsey, Executive Director of Lafayette Physical Therapy

Photo: Left to Right: Dr. Lauren Masi, Jill Ramsey.

Dr. Lauren Masi is an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist practicing a variety of manual therapy techniques as well as an athletic trainer. Lauren has trained in multiple physical therapy applications, such as Mulligan and Paris techniques, spinal stabilization for injured athletes, myofascial release, and spinal mobilization. She also has experience with extremity mobilization, visceral mobilization, external pelvic health therapy, and vestibular therapy.

Jill is the Executive Director for Lafayette with many years of management experience. Lauren’s clinical competence and Jill’s management skill create a dynamic duo that smashes any competition around them.

Now they have decided to embark on a new journey to make Lafayette the absolute place to go for care. Lauren and Jill aim to combine EMG and MSK Ultrasound in athletic medicine and orthopedic populations.

Lauren and Jill WELCOME to HODS!