Nerve Conduction &
Neuro Ultrasound
Technician Certification Course

Appropriate for Medical Assistants, Physical Therapist Assistants, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants, PT/OT/Rehabilitation Aides/Technicians, Registered Nurses, Licensed Professional Nurses, Massage Therapists, Electroencephalography & Medical Imaging Technicians, Anyone with a high school diploma or GED.

About Course

Become a Certified Nerve Conduction & Neuro Ultrasound Technician in 6 class days

Embark on a new career in healthcare as a Certified Nerve Conduction & Neuro Ultrasound Technician.

Enroll in our certified nerve conduction & neuro ultrasound technician program.

  • Learn in 6 days.
  • Hybrid learning – Online and on-site.
  • Hands-on laboratory each day.
  • Expert laboratory faculty available.
  • Use the NCT-C and NUST-C initials after your name.

Courses are held in Astoria, New York

Astoria, NY: 32-44 31st St, Astoria, NY 11106 (Hands-On Diagnostics)

Special notes about schedule

The Tech Course Stages (1-3) MUST be taken in the following sequence: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

The Neuro Ultrasound Training is only applied on the 6th – final day of the program and can also be purchased alone as an independent course

Students MUST complete the online lecture material PRIOR to each on-site lecture session

Attendance is MANDATORY at all sessions for the semester students are enrolled in

Show your certificate to potential employers as proof of your ability to perform nerve conduction & neuro ultrasound studies.


Course Overview

Course Description

  • This certification program is equivalent to the highest standards of education, practice and examinations proposed by Medicare. The certification provided by this Course is proven to be a major milestone in the preparation of an individual who will perform nerve conduction and neuro ultrasound studies under the direct supervision of a licensed, health care professional whose scope of practice includes the performance and interpretation of nerve conduction and neuro ultrasound studies.
  • This Certification Course has a nearly 20-year history (Since 2003) of demonstrated excellence in education at the basic science level, as well as, the practical level that is recommended by many professional organizations and by Medicare.
  • Formal Course of study includes the ethical and evidenced-based approach to the performance of Nerve Conduction and Neuro Ultrasound studies (motor, sensory, late responses and H-wave) at an optimal level of competency.
  • Topics included in the Course include: Anatomy, physiology, biomedical instrumentation, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, ethics, and other related basic science items at a technical level.
  • Significant time is spent on learning nerve conduction and neuro ultrasound (motor, sensory and late responses) techniques on most peripheral nerves in both the upper and lower extremity as well as trouble-shooting exercises.
  • All material is centered on evidence-based principles.
  • Laboratory practice is an important aspect of this Course as a majority of the Course time is devoted to guided laboratory studies and case study analysis.
  • Appropriate discussion on ethical practice is stressed.

Who may enroll?

  • Enrollment is offered to any person who wants to devote the time, effort and energy to study and practice the material.
  • Any individual with a High School diploma, or a GED.
  • The Course material assumes that the registrant has no prior knowledge of nerve conduction and neuro ultrasound studies related material or basic science material.

General conduct of Course

  • Lectures (participant has opportunity to download lectures approximately three weeks ahead of lecture).
  • Supervised laboratory process.
  • Uses laboratory manual to guide student.
  • Small group classes for individualized attention.
  • Sufficient time to talk with expert clinicians during laboratory time.
  • Practical examination (using a validated rubric for evaluation).
  • Written examination each month.
  • Final practical and written examinations.

Common questions about the course

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Contact information

Special note about ‘Certification’

  • Certification provided is titled: “Certification of Proficiency”.
  • A minimum passing score for both written and practical examinations ensures proficiency of the practitioner.
  • Certification is not a license to practice or any other legal requirement for practice in this specialty area.
  • Certification of Proficiency indicates that you have completed a formal Course of study in this specialty area.
  • Any technician who passes both modules of the Nerve Conduction and Neuro Ultrasound Course may use the NCT-C & NUST-C initials after their name along with the associated individual registry number.
  • A registry system is available.

Pricing and Registration

NCV & Neuro US
Save $450!
$ 3,950 full payment
Nerve Conduction & Neuro Ultrasound Technician Certification Course.
6-day course.
NCV & Neuro US
$ 4,400 payment plan
$2,200 / month for 2 months.
Nerve Conduction & Neuro Ultrasound Technician Certification Course.
6-day course.
Neuro US Only
$ 999 full payment
Neuro Ultrasound Technician Certification Course.
1-day course.

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