Scott McCauley

Scott received his BS in Sport Medicine at Colorado State University and from there had attended the University of Southern California. While there Scott was elected to the Student Assembly and became Chairman of the Nominating Committee. He also became the 1 st student to complete a Government Affairs clinical rotation at the APTA. That experience inspired Scott to work on Capitol Hill as a physical therapist. After 3 years of working in Washington, DC he moved back to Los Angeles and worked within the out patient therapy clinic of HealthCare Partners in Torrance, California. This HMO system became the avenue to allow Scott to complete the accredited Electrophysiologic Residency through the American Academy of Clinical Electrodiagnosis, (AACE) which had just started in Los Angeles. Scott graduated from the residency in 2013 and received his ECS in 2014. Scott was able to continue conducting electromyographies (EMG(s)) for HealthCare Partners Neurology Department once a week.

It was shortly thereafter that Scott became faculty for AACE and started teaching and mentoring professionals on clinical EMGs. In 2016, Scott transitioned to performing EMGs exclusively full time in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex. Throughout his career Scott has had the pleasure of teaching PT students, PTs and other health professionals about clinical electromyography and has seen several of his student blossom and grow in the field as well. Scott continues to teach as Senior Faculty within AACE and is performing EMGs in the DFW area.