Rick McKibben

Dr. McKibben is a physical therapist and clinical electrophysiologist. He received his DSc in clinical electrophysiology from Rocky Mountain University, and his MS in physical therapy from North Georgia College. He is board certified in clinical electrophysiology by ABPTS.

He has completed thousands of electrophysiologic studies, and has logged thousands of hours in peer review and administration for electrophysiologic testing laboratories.

Ongoing research interests include severity in focal/mononeuropathies, retrograde axonal atrophy, the mixed media forearm nerve conduction study, short-segment median motor studies in CTS, and F-wave nomograms.

Dr. McKibben serves as the chair for the APTA clinical electrophysiology practice group, and helped to establish the accreditation program for PTs.

In addition to being on the HODS advisory board, he is also a member of the HODS faculty.