James Savas

James brings his over 20 years of experience as a senior-level HR/Recruiter and business development specialist to Hands-On Diagnostics. Most of his professional career has been in the Physical Therapy private practice sector working with ambitious, driven owners and executives who have dreams of going big(ger) and just need the right support, backup, and capacity to see it accomplished.

He has strategically planned and executed programs for clinics that have seen expansion from as few as 4 offices to up to 16 offices across 3 states. Working directly with various owners and their staff throughout the boroughs of NYC and down the Rocky Mountains, he’s hired hundreds of effective and productive therapists, managers and staff, as well as created the training regimens for those people and their staff.

In addition to business expansion acumen, he’s a world-traveler, successful soccer director and a very proud father of 3 amazing beings. His Mantra is “Keep the constant create in life and be surprised by nothing!”