Isabel Fleming

Isabel is proud to be Executive Vice President of Business Development for Hands-On Diagnostics and to be working to revolutionize the Physical Therapy industry and help make private practice owners more autonomous and able to accurately diagnose their patients.

Isabel most recently worked as the Chief Operations Officer for a medical radiology company, where she also managed over Business Development, helping to increase new business to 3 times the original amount. With a background in finance as well she was Vice President of Business Development in a finance company, overseeing the acquisition of new clients. Her diverse business background also includes being a Vice President Business Development in the energy industry, working with CEOs in world renown energy companies such as Shell, Engie, North American Power, Just Energy, etc…Isabel has a BA in Journalism from California State University Northridge. She has a lifetime passion for art, literature and travel and is an avid art and book collector as well.