Virtual Rehab: The Basics of Telehealth PT

Hands-On Seminars, in collaboration with Agile Physical Therapy and Telehealth Learning, now offers a Telehealth/TelePT Certification Course!

The course will teach you how to establish and execute telehealth sessions in your PT practice, including how to evaluate patients via a TelePT system.

Course Features

  • Type – Online (available at any time after registration)
  • Appropriate for – PTs, PTAs
  • Language – English

Course Contents

  1. What is Telehealth Physical Therapy and Informed Consent?
  2. Patient Appropriateness.
  3. Performing a Remote Patient Exam.
  4. When to Consider an In-Person Follow Up?
  5. Treating Virtually.
  6. Special Tests for Telehealth.
  7. When is Imaging Indicated?
  8. Telehealth Platforms…Which One To Choose?
  9. Case Studies.

Course Fee: $199

Hands-On Seminars endorses the most robust TelePT delivery platform at:

Registration Form

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