Transform Your Documentation: Insurance Reimbursement Course

Presented by Tom Ambury

Course Features

  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Type – Online
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Duration – 4.5 CEU Hours
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Appropriate for - All professions
  • cropped-new-hoc-favicon-1.png Language – English

Transform Your Documentation

FRUSTRATED with Documentation? Not sure how to do it? Indeed, we have to do it and do it right! You may have taken various courses in the past or have read books about documentation but nothing compares to our Transform Your Documentation Online Program!

This extensive Online Program will leave you and your staff feeling much more prepared to face that vital piece of the healthcare puzzle: Documentation and Compliance.

Physical Therapists do amazing work that helps people move their lives in a more positive direction, but unfortunately too many times they are not being paid for their services. Complain all we like, the reason for this is often improper or poor documentation.


Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy environments are evolving. There are decreases in reimbursement coupled with an increase in audits from third-party payers. These two pressures have increased the importance of compliant documentation by therapists in order to justify the medical necessity of their services and get paid for the care provided. Creating defensible documentation is essential to protect your future as a physical, occupational, or speech therapy provider and your practice.

The course will provide lab-based instruction on how to enhance documentation by linking objective and measurable physical impairments to functional deficits as well as how to individualize patient progress with a relationship to condition, complexities, and sophistication. This course will provide instruction and lab creation of initial evaluations, daily notes, re-evaluations, and discharge summaries so you can become confidently compliant with documentation rules and requirements from third-party payers.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify methods to write defensible documentation that links objective and measurable physical impairments to functional deficits that require the skilled intervention of a physical, occupational or speech therapist.
  2. Describe how to establish medical necessity for patient evaluations that defensively document reasonable and necessary services under the current third-party payer requirement.
  3. Explain how to justify individualized documentation of patient progression that assesses condition, complexities, and sophistication.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of how to successfully write defensible documentation for initial evaluations, daily notes, progress notes, re-evaluations, and discharge summaries.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Preparing for an Audit.
  • Module 2: Know the Rules.
  • Module 3: The Initial Evaluation: A Practical Approach.
  • Module 4: Visit Notes: A Practical Approach.
  • Module 5: Visit Notes vs. Re-Evaluation: What’s the Difference?
  • Module 6: Skilled, Reasonable, and Necessary.

Please check to ensure these 4.5 CEUs can be applicable toward the state you are licensed in.


Tom Ambury

Tom Ambury, a graduate of Ithaca College, has been a physical therapist for over 25 years. His extensive experiences as a therapist, which include hospital-based care, Rehab Management for a Critical Access Hospital, Home Health, Skilled Nursing, and Private Practice, makes Tom an invaluable resource for equipping and enabling therapists and healthcare professionals to be confidently compliant. Since 2011, when Tom joined the PTGC team, he has been helping therapists and various healthcare professionals navigate the ever-changing, and all-too-often utterly complex, world of compliance. As a credentialed healthcare compliance professional, Tom applies his expertise towards the creation and successful utilization of compliance products such as Compliance in a Box® and ChartSafe®. Tom is a renowned consultant that applies his skills purposefully and collaboratively. As a compliance specialist, Tom frequently presents for the PPS/APTA and CPTA, as well as through PTCG’s webinar series. When not working, Tom enjoys his time at home with his wife, Becky, and likes to hike with his two dogs, Virginia and Bentley.

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Transform Your Documentation: Insurance Reimbursement


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  • Appropriate for All professions
  • Suggested CEUs: 4.5
  • Online course

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