Exclusive Free LIVE MSK Ultrasound & EMG Events

Are You a PT Eager to Improve Your Clinical Skills?

  • Do you want to improve your clinical outcomes by 60%?
  • If there was a way to improve your clinical outcomes by 60%, would you be interested to know how?
  • Would you agree that if you have more data on your patient’s case you will be more effective in your treatment?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are at the right place!

We at Hands-On Diagnostics have created these FREE events/courses that will review the Clinical Utility of MSK Ultrasound, EMG, and Nerve Conduction Testing for Physical Therapists and will demonstrate their use in various pathologies. MSK Ultrasound, EMG, and Nerve Conduction are Diagnostic Tests that are performed by Physical Therapists and are fully recognized by the NYS Education Department as appropriate tests for Physical Therapists.

This is your Opportunity

To get an introduction now in these unique concepts and learn what opportunities you have, to gain training and certifications in MSK Ultrasound and EMG via Scholarship Programs at NO COST to you!

MSKUS & EMG Benefits

Integrating musculoskeletal ultrasound testing and electromyography into your clinical examination skills will:

  • Improve your clinical outcomes by 62%
  • Improve the lives of your patients faster
  • Improve your communication with MDs
  • Improve your status as a clinician in comparison with the rest of your colleagues
  • Align with the APTA’s goal and helping to elevate the profession to PCP status
  • Increase your income as a PT

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Let’s get together in a two-hour meeting/course and explore the magic of MSKUS and EMG and how these two tools will change your future as a PT and improve the lives of your patients.

Registration is simple. You will only need to fill out the form below.

Please note that due to limited space in our clinics we have created a few dates for your convenience. Make sure you pick the one that best fits your schedule!

You will also receive 2 Continuing Education hours approved in New York State!

Events Location

Hands-On Physical Therapy: 32-44 31st St, Queens, NY 11106.

Hands-On Physical Therapy: 337 Jerusalem Ave., Hicksville, NY 11801.