Physical Therapy Education for Educators and Directors

Online Courses Designed by Educators for Educators

We’re happy to make education easy with our short online courses. Find physical therapy education for educators and directors in a quick and convenient format. Our online courses cover everything you need to know about the basics of EMG/NCV testing. Our online courses also include case study examples.

Physical therapy education for educators and directors covers all the basics in a brief three-hour online format. Find the right course for you and your students today.

PT Directors

Find physical therapy education courses for PT directors that are convenient and affordable. We know time is valuable for PT directors. Our low-cost online courses are comprehensive and convenient. Take advantage of this thorough three-hour course for you and your students today.

PTA Directors

Are you a director of physical therapy assistants (PTAs)? Physical therapy assistants provide valuable work for PTs. It is important to provide your PTAs with comprehensive training on the latest techniques. Our online lecture was specifically developed for the benefit of physical therapy assistants. Enrich the education of your students with this low-cost lecture now.

Chiropractic Directors

Our online lecture for Chiropractic Directors is specially designed for chiropractic students. This comprehensive online course covers all the basics of EMG and NCV testing. Our online course is taught by leaders in the field. This three-hour lecture series has everything your students need to know on how appropriate patient care models incorporate these innovative tests.

Proudly Provided by the American Academy of Clinical Electrodiagnosis

All our physical therapy education for educators and directors is provided by the American Academy of Clinical Electrodiagnosis. The purpose of our affordable online courses is to foster clinical and professional excellence in clinical electrophysiology.

This is in addition to a lifelong pursuit of continued technical and professional development. All our courses are grounded in a patient-focused approach to care, as well as the ethical practice of these specialties. All AACE programs are comprehensive and evidence-based.