Physical Therapy


411,000 patients just got notified that they were mistakenly double-billed by Medicare. Both Medicare and Medicaid reported the twice-billed errors that impacted one month of payments for Senior Citizens.

Patients and PT Private Practice owners share the pain of financial burden in the form of payments or reduced reimbursements. While Medicare costs to the consumer keep rising, Medicare announced yet another proposal to cut reimbursements for physical therapists by another 8%.

Sadly this new proposed reimbursement cut of 8% is not just a mistake like double-billing errors but instead our PT reality.

As PT Private Practice owners, we know all too well the burden dwindling insurance reimbursements have upon our PT community.

Physical therapy constitutes one of the most vital treatment interventions to maintain optimal function for the elderly. However, as PT private practice owners, we know too well the burden that dwindling PT reimbursements have on our community.

As doctors, colleagues and private practice owners, Hands-On Diagnostics is here to offer you a ray of hope.

Over the past few years, our new PT model for success utilizing Diagnostic tools (such as Musculoskeletal imaging and Electromyography) has brought PT private practice owners around the nation to 10 X higher profits and 62 % better patient outcomes.

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Dimitrios Kostopoulos, DPT, MD, PhD, DSc, ECS

ABPTS Board Certified in EMG/NCS Testing

Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor FAU

College of Medicine