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If You Could Wave a Magic Wand What Would YOU Want for Your Patients?

As owners of Physical Therapy practices, we deal not only with the stress of running a business but also the intensity of helping patients in pain. Managing a patient’s pain is often the driving force that led most of us to join the physical therapy community in the first place: to spend our lives helping others in a deep and vital way.

But diagnosing your patients with great accuracy can be daunting. Did you know that for shoulder pain, an issue that millions of Americans face daily, the traditional manner of diagnosing patients by physical therapists has an efficiency rate of about 34%?

At Hands-On Diagnostics (HODS) we can help solve many issues for your physical therapy practice and your patients. Studies show diagnostic testing results used by physical therapists led to modifications of patient’s treatment plans in 62% of patients and resulted in achieving much better patient outcomes.

Read about our successful new model for physical therapy practices in our article below.

The Revolution of Physical Therapy – A Message from the Hands-On Diagnostics Board of Directors

By Dr. Dimtrios Kostopoulos, Dr. Kostas Rizopoulos, and Craig Ferreria

Constant improvement is one of the fundamental foundations we have as the Board for Hands-On Diagnostics. If there are any constants that we can assure you of in our organization, it is that of a constant quest for improvement. Our aim is to create true professional autonomy for the private practice physical therapist and the way we’ll get to that is through constant improvement, innovation and leverage.

As a relatively young franchising company pioneering a brand-new paradigm into the physical therapy world, we are constantly innovating and thinking of new and better ways for our members to truly be successful. Our desire is to equip their practice for providing top-notch care to their patients while being able to generate as much revenue as possible.

Whether it be constantly improving our weekly mentorship webinars, exploring the best methods and techniques for diagnostic testing or creating world-class training events, we are creating a culture of excellence and awe.

Right next to constant improvement, is establishing the foundation for tremendous leverage. Growing at our current rate enrolling new partners and opening new territories across the country, we are building an organization that will have tremendous leverage. And that leverage directly benefits you, our members.

Such leverage has already been demonstrated by striking nationwide exclusive contracts with some of the top Worker’s Compensation carriers, reversing to our favor insurance company policies, achieving huge price breaks for equipment, supplies and lots more.

As we continue opening HODS participating facilities around the country, we are building towards optimal leverage that will allow us to approach large insurance carriers and get exclusive reimbursement rates to HODS providers. The effects of further such acknowledgments would significantly boost the value of your membership on multiple levels.

Concerning innovation, we recently provided one of our greatest achievements thus far as an organization – the Hands-On Diagnostics MSKUS Fellowship. It’s the first of its kind in the entire world. If you sit back and consider how big that is, it should make each and every one of our partners extremely proud because the results are so multi-faceted. From what it means for your practice, your team of professionals, and your leverage for hiring new talent.

This fellowship provides an even greater level of credibility for Hands-On Diagnostics when dealing with insurance companies, other PT-related organizations and even for prospective members. And like all of our initiatives at Hands-On Diagnostics, it’s only going to continually get better and better over time.

We’re looking forward to the first group of participants we can award with our patent-pending recognition as “FMSK”– a fellow of MSKUS. You can read more about the HODS Fellowship here.

In addition to these leverageable initiatives we’re developing for HODS, we are working on several more we wanted to touch on.

For one, we are launching a brand-new nationwide marketing campaign that will give your practice even more exposure and preeminence in your territory. At this phase of our company’s growth, we’ve done a pretty good job making PTs aware of the potential and possibilities diagnostic testing can provide for their practice. Now, we want to make the public aware that there’s a better, more accurate and advanced way to recover – and that’s diagnostic testing… only with a HODS approved facility

Imagine for a moment, patients asking their physicians for referrals to a PT that uses the advanced technology provided exclusively by our HODS partners. How awesome would that be? We’ll be creating a demand for diagnostic testing from the consumer-side making us the leading choice for physician referrals.

What would this mean for our partners? It would mean more new patients for your practice. But those new patients aren’t just limited to utilizing diagnostics, but they’ll take advantage of all the other services you offer. It also means more potential referral sources from physicians that you possibly have been unable to access. It also means the chance for more partnerships and collaborations to further expand the diagnostic testing capability of your practice.

Leverage is what we’re really looking to capitalize upon for the organization in the upcoming year and we are on pace for big results. Pioneering in the diagnostic field as we are inevitably coming with it a few bumps and bruises, but we’re here for the ride. Hands-On Diagnostics is committed to creating an environment for private practice owners to thrive and have autonomy in their profession, but also in creating the life they envision for themselves. We’re extremely excited at what the future holds.

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