Effect of topical aerosol skin refrigerant (Spray and Stretch technique) on passive and active stretching

Dimitrios Kostopoulos PT, PhD, DSc, MCMT and Konstantine Rizopoulos PT, FABS, MCMT

This study was sponsored by St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine.


Objectives: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of the use of a vapocoolant blend of pentafluoropropane and tetrafluoroethane (Gebauer’s Spray and Stretch) on hip flexion stretching.

Methods: Thirty volunteers were randomly assigned to spray and stretch treatment and stretch only control groups. Each group was assessed pre-and post-test on passive and active hip flexion range of motion (ROM).

Results: Findings indicated greater posttest hip flexion gains for the spray and stretch group over the stretch only group for both active and passive ROM. Additionally, females achieved greater pre- and posttest differences on active ROM compared to males.

Conclusions: Study findings suggest that spray and stretch techniques can be an effective treatment in increasing hip flexion ROM.

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